Some of the information on this website is directed towards clients and their families and friends. Being a defendant in the criminal justice system or having a loved one in that system can be an overwhelming and frightening experience.

No website can provide information that answers the wide range of questions clients and their families have when they are going through this experience. Nevertheless, we have tried to make an effort to list resources that provide information on the key questions often asked of us: What’s next in the process? How does the system work? What are the sentencing guidelines? What if there is an issue of substance abuse or mental health problems? How can I find a job when I have a record? There are other key questions; these are but a few examples we often hear. We intend to expand this list of resources as time goes by, and there are other resources elsewhere on our website that might be helpful to you. Please contact us if you land upon another website that has particularly helpful information for you and should be listed here.

You may access the links using the navigation bar to the left or at the top of the page to see things like Frequently Asked Questions or Directions to prisons and court buildings. To see more about our office, please click on About Us.